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So Hopeless, It's Almost Cute


14 December

Once upon a time,

there lived one of the most unusual, uncoordinated, dorky, insecure, but completely fabulous girls you will ever have the good fortune meet. She was the type of girl who would scream bloody murder at the sight of a fruit fly, fall flat on her face at the most inopportune moments, and still have the most amazing friends to help her back up. She functioned purely off of caffeine, good books, and strawberry-flavored lip-gloss, and loved late-night phone calls and being outside. Sarcasm was her first language, but she laughed at absolutely everything, especially herself. She loved getting caught in the rain and listening to her iPod at full volume, and would stay up until 11:11 each night just to make the same old wish. She was so far from perfect, but she put her heart into everything she did, and saw the world differently than most people. She thought too much, faked a whole lot of smiles, and loved with everything she had. She was nothing without her best friends, and she was absolutely crazy and irresponsible with them. She had zero hand-eye coordination, but kicked major ass when it came to Harry Potter Trivia (nerd pride!) She was one of those people who would read for fun, join fifty-thousand clubs, do volunteer work after school, and win spelling bees- while still having the time to defy the dress code and zone out during math class. It’s a delicate balance. She loved to sing, and, despite her apparent lack of rhythm, dance. Music was what kept her sane… well, mostly. ;) She didn’t eat meat, she couldn’t go fifteen seconds without her iPhone or her laptop, and she drew on absolutely everything- her notebooks, her clothing, other people. She always said the wrong thing at the wrong time, and loved to live in the moment. Someday she only wanted to fall in love and not have it hurt in the end. She tried to go this entire profile without mentioning her eating disorder, and apparently just failed. And believe it or not, there’s a lot more to learn.